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Tara Veneruso directed, produced, and edited Janis Joplin Slept Here, the award winning documentary feature at the age of 20. Veneruso has since continued directing numerous projects and also serves as consultant for Next Wave Films, a company of the Independent Film Channel that provides finishing funds to emerging filmmakers, and through its production arm--Agenda 2000--produces and finances digital features by established directors. Veneruso had previously been the Director of Film Evaluation and Outreach before returning to her directing career.

A graduate of NYU, Veneruso began directing with the award-winning documentary Janis Joplin Slept Here (1994). Screening at film festivals worldwide, many recognized music videos, documentaries, shorts, and Internet series have followed. Tara has also edited several MTV/VH-1 top-ten music videos. With an emphasis on documentaries and new technology, Veneruso investigates, explores, and consults on emerging technologies being utilized for storytelling.

Her films have been official selections at fests including Edinburgh International Film Festivals, Gen Art Film Festivals, and Hampton International Film Festival. Veneruso has directed projects specifically designed for the Internet since 1997 including webseries such as Chemical Generation, Austin, and 9 Boyfriends. Tara is currently in production on a new documentary/web convergence project, Villa Elaine. In addition to her film work, Veneruso has been a painter and artist with exhibits in Los Angeles since 1997.

Veneruso serves as a consultant for Next Wave Films, a company of the Independent Film Channel. Veneruso has given presentations on digital feature production at film schools and festivals around the world including Sundance, Edinburgh, AFI Film Festival, Ireland, Germany, and Korea. She has taught courses at UCLA on DV filmmaking with Team Next Wave and co-written articles for Filmmaker , Sight and Sound, Film Ireland, IndieWire, and contributed to Scientific American Magazine.

Revised: 5/02

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