Peter Broderick is President of Next Wave Films, which provides vital support to independent filmmakers from the U.S. and abroad. A company of the Independent Film Channel, Next Wave Films supplies finishing funds and serves as a producer's rep for emerging filmmakers, helping them implement festival and press strategies and secure distribution. It also finances features shot digitally through its production arm--Agenda 2000.

Next Wave’s features include: Christopher Nolan’s Following; Joe Carnahan’s Blood Guts Bullets & Octane; Julie Money’s Envy; Ron Judkins' The Hi-Line; Jordan Melamed’s Manic, which premiered at Sundance 2001; Henry Barrial’s Some Body, the first feature projected digitally in Dramatic Competition at Sundance (2001); and Kate Davis’s Southern Comfort, the winner of the 2001 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for best documentary. Next Wave's other documentaries include Josh Aronson's Sound and Fury, a 2001 Academy Award nominee for best documentary; David and Laurie Shapiro’s Keep The River On Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale; and Amir Bar-Lev’s Fighter. In addition to Manic, Next Wave's Agenda 2000 has provided production financing to two other digital features: Maxie Collier's Paper Chasers, and Tony Fisher's The Trouble with Men and Women.

Broderick has played a key role in the growth of the ultra-low budget feature movement. He wrote a catalytic series of articles for Filmmaker magazine that stimulated many filmmakers to make features on micro-budgets. A leading advocate of digital moviemaking, he has given presentations on digital feature production at Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Rotterdam, Edinburgh and many other festivals. He has also taught courses at UCLA, and written articles for Scientific American, Filmmaker, Sight and Sound, and Moviemaker about DV filmmaking.

Broderick was a board member of the Independent Feature Project/West, and chaired the selection committee for the Someone to Watch Award, which honors exceptionally talented independent filmmakers. He first worked with Terrence Malick on Days of Heaven, and then ran his production company, Hickory Street.

He has been a consultant to the Sundance Film Festival, PBS, and the Rockefeller Foundation. An expert on new media, he is author of Independents in Cyberspace, a report on the potential of the internet for filmmakers. This report and several of his other articles about digital filmmaking are available on the Next Wave Films website ( He has also written for The New York Times, The Times of London, The Economist, and The Los Angeles Times. A graduate of Brown University, Cambridge University, and Yale Law School, he practiced law in Washington, DC.

March 2001

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