Due to number of submissions we ask that you only send the materials required (sample of your work which should include a feature, filmography, biography, cover letter detailing your intentions in shooting on DV, and a one-page synopsis of the project).

Please do not send a script at this time.

Q. What is your evaluation procedure?

At least two people carefully evaluate the samples you submit in independent screenings. We are only able to contact the filmmaker after a thorough evaluation has been made.

Q. I have a script but no director. Can I submit to A2K?

We are only able to consider projects with a director attached.

Q. Do you do documentaries?

Yes. We consider both fiction and non-fiction projects feature-length projects that have theatrical potential.

Q. What genre are you looking for?

We seek unique films that demonstrate exceptional talent and that have theatrical potential.

Q. Do I need stars attached to get your attention?

We are interested in unique films and stories rather than the stars you can attach.

Q. Can I shoot on film?

A2K was designed specifically for directors who would like to shoot on the digital format.

Q. Can I send you a demo of the project I intend to make?

Yes. This will help us in making our decision. In addition to the demo, we would also like for you to send samples of your other directing work. You should include any short films and awards that you may have received.

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Q. I have never directed a feature. Can I send in a sample of my work?

Agenda 2000 focuses on filmmakers who have established themselves with prior directing experience.